Date: 25 February 20, 22:44 PM
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 Fecamp to Shoreham 24th or 25th July in a 23ft gaffer


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Those who were still in Fecamp on the Monday after the Royal Escape will know the background to this.

I received the following email on 13th July from Port de Plaisance - CCI de Fécamp-Bolbec:

Good afternoon,
I've some news from M. Montier; He has repared you're boat, so the boat is ready.
M. Montier asked me to reserve a day with you to put the boat in the water because he wants to be there to put the boat in the water and to try the boat with you.
He asked me too that you pay the rest of the bill before that.
Bests regards

I've had a follow up email:

I think we can take a reservation for friday the 23rd of July. Is it ok for you?

I've accepted, so will see "Moon River" on Friday 23rd. Now all I need is someone experienced to help me bring her home any day from Saturday 24th onwards, the sooner the better. The insurance will pay ferry costs to get to France.

I have crew to bring Moon River home on the weekend of 7th-8th August, weather permitting, or on the next suitable weekend, but if anyone is free on the weekend of 24th/25th please get in touch so I can bring Moon River home the same weekend as she goes back in the water.

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