Date: 22 June 21, 20:57 PM
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 What happened to the old forum?


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The original forum was set up in 2007 by Robin who looked after it for many years until we sadly lost him, at which point Barbara took over responsibility. However it seems that with the rise of social media a lot of the chatter that kept the boards busy leaked away, a problem compounded by the tightening of registration requirements. Spammy posts had always been a problem and Barbara had to spend a lot of time chasing out interlopers peddling everything from porn to pharmaceuticals and with the forum using relatively outdated technology there was little that could be done to arrest the decline.

I have always felt that the forum was a valuable resource so in April 2013, with Barbara's help lifting the bonnet on the old forum, had a good look at the setup and compared it to what was now available. As a result I migrated the old contents into an entirely new forum, built using 'Simple Machines', one of the best Open Source forum applications there are.

Technically we are now at the top of the game. All we now need to do is to start using it more often.

Don't forget that not everybody wants to use FaceBook, so if you have something to say or share with all of the yacht club then this is without question the best place to do it.

Steve Vyse