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St Valery Rally (23 - 25 August)

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The rally to St Valery in France has been arranged with the Club Nautique Valeriquais who will be hosting us for a dinner on Saturday 24th August at L’Hotel des Bains in the St Valery square. The rally will depart on Friday 23rd August as per the racing handbook and most people will return to Southwick on Sunday 25th August. The dinner at L’Hotel des Bains is €25 per head which includes a quarter of a bottle of wine. The menu is:
-          Assiette Nordique
-          Trou Normand
-          Blanquette de veau à l’ancienne (Veal)
-          Tarte Tatin

If you would like to join this rally please leave a reply with your boat name along with the names of all your crew. Please also include details of whether you would like to join for the meal on the Saturday evening along with any special dietary requirements.

Hi Hazel
you may have already received this note. I wish to register TYKE with the following crew who all want dinners;
brian Thomas/les leslie/kate Edwards/Adrian woods/ian bush.

Hi Brian,
I'll put you and all the crew you mentioned down for the St Valery rally and the dinner.

Michael L:
Hi Hazel,
Sorry about this late email, but we are going to France tomorrow (Monday 19th) and we wondered if we could join the rally. We will aim to come to St Valery on Friday and sail back on Sunday with everybody else.
If we are not too late we will also come to the dinner. It is just me and Diana, but she needs gluten free.
Thank you,
Michael Lindsey

Hi Michael,
Not a problem. I will put you both down for dinner with one gluten free. Have a safe trip across and see you on Saturday.


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