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Title: Crew available at 2 hours notice.
Post by: SteveHall on April 04, 2009, 09:58:12 AM
We recently moved to area - Is there someone who needs a crew for the occasional day sail?

I started sailing with the Humber Yawl Club during the 1980s first with an Enterprise Dinghy then a Flying Fifteen.

The Humber is very tidal with a current of about 5 knots and shifting mud banks.

The speed of the tide really becomes apparent when the light vessels that mark the navigable channel hurtle by!

We could only get out onto the river 2 hours either side of high water.
I used to enjoy leaving the creek at first chance then race against the tide until I sailed under the Humber Bridge when I turned around and then raced the against the tide back to Brough.  I had several all day trips down and up river.

I then bought a 23ft "proper" lifting-keel boat,  roller reefing  with cabin so I could cook food and make tea.
Again I made all day trips often single handed.
Looking back on the nature of the river and the doubtful nature of the boats engine I must have been mad!

I sold this boat in 1988 to spend more time with my family and despite enjoying sailing have had little opportunity since.

I am trained as a Professional Engineer (Aircraft Designer) but have spent most of my profession life working with computers.

Now semi retired.

Steve Hall
Title: Crew looking for boats.
Post by: djskinner on April 07, 2009, 07:54:24 AM
See my entry under "Boats looking for crew".Get i9n touch.
In Sailing,David Skinner.
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