Date: 26 September 21, 06:37 AM
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 winter sailing

john crix

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I live in Shoreham and would like to do some keel boat crewing this autumn/winter. My sailing CV follows. Please email me if you have a vacancy and are interested.


John Crix



I'm 52 and married with 3 children from my previous marriage.

In 2000 I was fortunate to obtain a severance deal from my employer, Lloyds TSB Bank, where I was a senior manager in the IT division. This early release enabled my wife and I to experience the live-aboard life in our Rustler 31 for a few years: we lived on the Rustler in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Santa Cruz de Tenerife before returning to the UK last year (2006) and selling our boat.

To some extent the sale of the Rustler marked the end of my fanaticism for sailing, but I still keep a Hurley 20 on a mooring on the River Adur - I'm slowly restoring this boat. And recently I've started to think about getting involved in the local yacht racing scene, offering myself as crew in an arena which is relatively unfamiliar to me.


I was a keen rock climber and Alpine mountaineer in the 80s. Moving on from this I bought a dinghy in 1991 and sailed this in various places such as the Lake District and Scottish lochs until 1993 when we bought our first keel boat, an Albin Vega. I also crewed on a friend's Moody 33, which he kept on the West Coast of Scotland. We kept the Albin Vega at Holyhead and made numerous crossings of the Irish Sea (in all weathers) to Howth etc. and also made various holiday cruises along the North Wales coast, up to the Isle of Man and down to the South Coast of Ireland.

In 1996 I obtained some sponsorship from Lloyds TSB and entered the Albin Vega in the Three Peaks Yacht Race. Lloyds TSB also provided a few other opportunities for yacht racing of a more normal sort: round-the-cans corporate racing weekends in the Solent. This, however, is about the limit of my yacht racing experience.

We moved up to our current Rustler 31 in 1997. Before heading off on our live-aboard adventure we sailed this boat along the South Coast and across the Channel many times.

I have crewed on a number of yacht deliveries, including one transatlantic passage.


I have no formal RYA-type qualifications. But in addition to making several fairly long short-handed passages I have single-handed the Rustler 31 on many occasions, my longest solo trip being from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Ponta Delgada (island of Sao Miguel in the Azores).

I have only been sea-sick once - one night when returning single-handed from Cherbourg in a F7. Even then it was a case of throw up and carry on - such are the disciplines of single-handed sailing! I'm a reasonable cook, can produce something hot in most sea states  - although I tend more to quick one-pot concoctions rather than anything of a gourmet nature.

I do a good percentage of boat maintenance myself. In addition to the regular engine servicing and endless small maintenance jobs on the Rustler, I installed a new Lavac, replaced the engine sound insulation, fitted dorade ventilators, replaced the forehatch and used my moderate carpentry skills to increase the locker space in the boat. My IT technical support background makes me happy with boat electronics - eg. their installation - although I don't claim to be able to repair these.