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SYC Club Brochure for 2013


I have somehow found myself Chairman of the new SYC Publicity and Membership Committee (just me at the moment!) and amongst other things I have a cunning plan for a new glossy club brochure, to be produced at no cost to the membership.

However to make this work I really do need some good photography of all that we do, so to this end if you take a good picture and have suitable images I can use of sailing, boat-yard, cheerful staff,  social events, dining, bar, diving, sailability, club house or just about anything SYC then please let me know.

There's no payment for use but you will be credited - I'm aiming to have this book published early 2013 so there is plenty of time this summer to get clicking.

Oh and I'll need good quality files which rules out camera phones - proper cameras only please.

Either contact me here on the forum or email

Steve Vyse

Will Thornton:
Does the club have a way of tracking new members to ensure they have settled in and are enjoying the club facilities and opportunities - like a form of member retention focus, which would help channel people to find aspects of the club where they fit in and get the most out of it to ensure continued membership ?

Will Thornton:
I noticed that at the June MAIN COMMITTEE under membership.
"Dski commented that the membership trend is going down and
SYC needs to work to keep current Members and generate new."
"LW stated that SVís committee needs to look at membership and
how to retain. The Club should be aiming at 1500 Members."


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